Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Kitten Killing Machine

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While living in Madison, a friend of mine asked me & the others this question after we had a few too many rounds of Leinenkugel's Red:

"Suppose we have this machine that will save a human life anywhere in the world. Everytime it works, a human is guaranteed to be saved. But for it to work, it'll consume twenty live kittens for every human it saves from hunger, AIDS, cancer or etc. The death of the kittens will not be painless either. Will you use it? ... And no, it runs only on live, untranquilized kittens, although live puppies can be substituted."

Through the slight haze of 5 beers and Camels, I knew this had something to do with animal-based research.

But anyways, would YOU use it?

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