Thursday, November 06, 2008

"So, When Are We Getting A Chinese/Indian PM... Brighteyes?"

That was the question asked yesterday noon. Due to the power of the Internets, we all got to know the results of the US Election just before leaving for lunch.

Amazing ain't it? Just 40-odd years after segregationist laws were abolished in the Southern US, we now have a half-black guy, who isn't ashamed to be considered black by many, elected to the White House.

Of course, that doesn't mean racism is now dead in the US, since Obama is now President. It still exists, but many Americans, including Caucasian Americans, have overcome that barrier and voted for That One.

... due to Obamas

And this has caused many a Malaysian here as well to ask (or if you're from UMNO... worry)... if we will have a non-Muslim non-Malay Native/Chinese/Indian Prime Minister one day. Hey, if USA can... we can.

Now to answer that question (in the form of a question, like Jeopardy)... what use is a non-Muslim Chinese, Indian, or non-Malay Prime Minister of Malaysia, if the perp is just as corrupt and inept as these guys in power today? The citizens will still get screwed around... Malay and non-Malay, Muslim and non-Muslim.

What should be asked is: "Will Malaysians one day choose their leaders based on their abilities, and not solely because of skin color and religion"?

And once they do that, a few elections later, you can have your first non-Muslim, non-Malay Prime Minister. Another entry for the Malaysian Book Of Records. And he or SHE, will be chosen not because of race, but for leadership quality. And that is what's important.

But thats gonna take time for us to get there. While America was celebrating its first black President, people here were in an uproar over a "Non-" being appointed to lead a certain state department.

Can for them, cannot for us ('toon by Zunar)

But we'll get there eventually. Maybe long after I've become ash particles in the sea. Or perhaps during my lifetime. Hey, with today's highspeed communications and globalized world (or cliches like that), you'll never know. Aside from playing Warcrack & calling that guy in Germany a fukkin n00b... ideas, news, and philosophies are being exchanged and spread around.

Remember, nobody ever believed BN could lose in five states. That was before March.

And just ten years ago, if you told a Black American there'll be a Black President soon, he'll just laugh in your face.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In Ten Hours Time...

...we will see who gets to become Prez of the USA.

Will it be...

Barack Obama

or John McCain?

There are many others also running for President... including Ralph Nader (this time as an indie), the Green Party, the Communists, and yes, the Boston Tea Party. But with little support from the masses of America, its really unlikely these little guys will win on the national level. Like you winning the Toto 6/52.

Maybe I should skip lunch tomorrow to check the news...

If you wanna know... I'm rooting for the half-black guy...

McCain was OK years ago when he was constantly opposing the Bush Administration & the Iraq War. But since then, he's softened his ideas to become too similar to Bush's... obviously to endear himself to the Republican masses to pick him as a Prez candidate. So sorry Mc, can't choose you.