Monday, January 08, 2007

Genies Are BANninated From Entering Malaysia

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What?! What about Mastika, Bacaria, and Harian Metro?!

Oh, maaf encik! We said "From Entering". NOT the local ones already here. Summore TabloidRia Editor oso ask us to stop business competition from foreign genie story. Lagipun, mereka pun kena makan jugak, ya?

Bloggers Howsy, The Malaysian, and Walski has some info on the recent censorship of a couple of articles in The Economist. Apparently Genies from other lands are now subversive and dangerous to the meek mind of Malaysians.

Read the article in The Sun here. Yes, over here. In The Sun, here. (No, not the UK one which is infinitismally worse)

Who knows, perhaps the Government's right. Readers of The Economists such as professionals, businessmen, and the financially savvy might start soliciting the services of Somalian genies for Big Big Luck in the KLSE instead of our local toyols, jenglots, and other spirits. That would srsly damage the local bomoh & sinseh industry, no?

But while The Economist is censored for stories on genies, our local trash tabloids are free to continue with their weekly Kisah Benar and "True Stories" of ghosts, zombies, ghostly zombies, pontianaks & vampires (or 'vampyres' for you neo-Gothics), corpses turning to a dog's-corpse, then to a pig's-corpse, and then to a Cannibal-Corpse, etc. etc. etc. . Heck, I saw a couple of them on sale at 7-11 this noon. Go figure...

Speaking of Mastika magazine, I remembered seeing one on the newstand at the kedai runcit/grocery near my school back in the 90s. It looked like (and was) a somewhat intellectual albeit nationalist magazine with articles on Malay literature, poetry, and other serious issues. Then later, a new editor would come in and give the mag an entirely Extreme Makeover. Yep, Mastika would now be about ghosts, jumping corpses, evil devil-worshpping indie-rockers plotting to overthrow the government, bomohs, rapists, rapists-cum-bomohs, and more ghosts. And yes, there will be genies. But none of that boring polemic from goateed poets.

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