Saturday, January 13, 2007

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Listening to: Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island


Yep, I’m on my way to San Jose and San Francisco as I’m typing this. X Inc. has sent me there on a company project and I’ll be there for a month. Five other folks were supposed to come along, but I couldn’t find one of them on the plane. Ah well, tough luck for him… he’s gotta go on a standby flight.

Just what I needed: a working vacation. And a chance to catch some bands in action in the Bay Area, buy more t-shirts with ironic slogans & images on it (I’ll keep away from Hot Topic, those damned posers), and any CDs & DVDs which are totally unavailable in Malaysia (even in Rock Corner).

And yea, visit places in the Bay Area like San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz. Emailed an old friend of mine for recommendations… we both went to the same uni in Wisconsin, stayed in the same dorm, and went out on a couple of occasions. Winter however says she, isn’t the best time to visit Santa Cruz. Nestled at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains, winter in this area would be cold, damp, and rainy... like London in December, except with redwood trees. Even the Bay Area’s concert roster for the winter had few bands coming.

But Santa Cruz or Berkeley in the “cold” winter beats Disneyland anyway… a colleague who was coming along wanted to go there. No way, San Jose! I ain’t gonna drive down several hundred km just to queue 2 hours just to ride a Mickey Mouse space rocket or see some park employees prance about in a Donald Duck costume.

Hey, perhaps it was fun when you were seven. But when you’re older its time to move to other things…

I’m laidover (but not getting laid) in Hong Kong at the moment. I read in National Geographic once that the island has the highest number of Rolls Royces’ per capita. That kinda explains the large number of duty free shops around the terminal…

That sound is my flight being called. More updates to come from the US soon… once I’m checked in…

Can you believe Penang & KL airport doesn’t have free WiFi? The profiteering bastards!

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simonsta said...

are you dissing D.Duck ? you want to be careful with that