Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Can't Think Of A Title...

Listening to: Bright Eyes - Digital Ash In A Digital Urn


'Tis a somewhat sunny day, although it rained "heavily" this morning. I'm packing for my day trip to Berkeley today. On the other side of California, some of my colleagues are en route to Disneyland and the other group headed to Las Vegas.

Just checked via that M. Ward and Of Montreal will be playing next week in San Fran. So I guess I'll put off Haight Ashbury till next weekend and just do Berkeley instead. Maybe tomorrow Sunday I'll go to Santa Cruz...

Meanwhile, I asked my sis for the link to "that annoying Singaporean blogger" who generated some drama some time ago. I had visited the site months back, but lost the URL. In reply, she returned this site. Hm, it wasn't really who I had in mind... I was meaning someone else.

But this one's also pretty irritating...

Well, gotta go catch the train to Bezerkeley, and start some intellectual sparring with some protesters on the infeasablity of anarcho-primitivism.

And by the way, check out this music video by my "Good Twin":

VIDEO: Easy/Lucky/Free

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