Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't Get Mad At Able-Bodied Folks Parking In Handicapped Spots...

Listening to: Petracovich - We Are Wyoming


...after all, they don't make "Mentally Disabled" stickers for the rear bumper of your fucking Mercedes.

Meanwhile back in Malaysia, apparently a girl can produce colored beads straight from her toes. Expect the gullible folks to stream to her house... looking for lottery number predictions, luck, and other blessings except hard & wise work.

Little colored beads? Bah, thats nothing! Most politicians can produce pungent-smelling brown sausages from their mouths. And I can produce brown colored sausages from my ass!

See? I've got magical (thats "magickal" for you Gothics) powers! Worship me, you masses!

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