Monday, March 31, 2008

Yay! The Former Menteri Besar/Chief Minister Known As Khir Toyo Now Has His Own Blog!

Now that the Malaysian General Elections are over, I can probably go back to writing about pointless stuff and maybe attempt another film/album review. But then, I came across this blog created by none other than Mr. Shred. a.k.a. Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo. The former Menteri Besar of my home state has his own website!

Of course! I have to welcome a blogger, especially when this dude happened to once command the most developed and cosmopolitan state in Malaysia! Perhaps he'll buy more services from my uncle's friend's second cousin, who happens to sell document shredders.

Sdr Khir Toyo,

Amat menggalakkan anda telah menyertai kita di Internets dan cyberspace, di mana 80% bloggers ialah wanita dan 60,000 ialah penganggur (atau 100,000?). Cinta IT, Kenal IT, Suka IT.

Sebagai primer, anda digalakkan membaca tentang cara mengunakan internets. Ini akan menyediakan saudara bagi mengoptimasikan akses internets anda ke maksimum:

Ingat! Internets ialah serious business!


Saudara Khir Toyo,

Its good to hear you've joined us on the Internets and cyberspace, where 80% of bloggers are female and 60,000 are jobless (or is it 100,000?). Cinta IT, Kenal IT, Suka IT.

As an introduction, have a look on how to use the internets. This will allow you to utilize the internets to the maximum:

Remember! The Internets is serious business!


Lets see if they'll publish it, heh heh heh...

Ok, gotta get back to reading this dossier on Anwar Ibrahim and Raja Petra...

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Anonymous said...

Je suis toutes les instructions d'installation, après le téléchargement, mais Mozilla Firefox bloque l'installation ..