Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oops! Ex Selangor Boss, Khir Toyo Can't Shred His Documents!

From the Star newspaper, cops blocked off the State of Selangor's headquarters last night. Nobody, except the Secretary of State is allowed access. And all around Shah Alam (and Malaysia) was unconfirmed & unbelievable news spreading around that Selangor was slowly falling to the Opposition. Nobody had expected this.

The same thing also happened in Ipoh, capital of Perak State. Malaysiakini reported a bunch of KeADILan supporters preventing the soon-to-be-former Chief Minister's lackeys from entering the offices to remove documents.

Tajol Rosli and Khir Toyo are fucked!

Soon, all the misdeeds of these two will be exposed. They and their cronies have grown fat over the years from widespread corruption and looting the state treasury. Such as the infamous Dato. Zak of Klang and his Mega McMansion. Little effort was made to cover their tracks, as it never ever crossed their minds that they would get pwned.

I'm sure the documents and account books that escaped the shredders will tell more. Much, much, more.

Hoping to see Dato. Zak in jail too!


Anonymous said...

HAhahahaha Khir, just got PWNED!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? I thought the report was that the cops were there to prevent the Opposition from entering the building while they cleared out!

You really trust the cops? The same cops whose leader was accused of corruption then mysteriously cleared?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the Selangor police only Protect Umno's interest....