Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Indelible Ink Will Not Be Used

Following the many examples laid forward by our beloved Malaysian Prime Minister A.A. Badawi, the Election Commission made another U-turn on its plans to use indelible ink in this election.

Several million ringgit worth of ink was imported from India for this Saturday, according to Malaysiakini. These bottles will now lie unused in the vaults of the EC's offices.

Anyway, lets leave wondering what to do with all the inedible indelible ink to the government. But here are some Top Ten excuses why the Barisa... whoops... the Election Commision decided not to use the ink, Letterman style...

10. "We bought the ink. We forgot to buy brushes"

9. "The Datins' and Puan Sris' complained the ink would ruin their manicure"

8. "Its DHL's fault! They sent the ink to Malawi, not Malaysia"

7. "We actually used the 2.5million for a new Mercedes & the license plate 'SPR 9'. Fuck, I said too much!"

6. "There was a typo. We ended up ordering 48,000 units of sinks instead of 48,000 units of ink"

5. "Its an act of God. How is it an act of God? Don't question God's will"

4. "The ship carrying the ink from India sunk to the bottom of the deep blue sea because of typhoons/sea monsters/UFOs/pirates/ninjas/ninja-pirates"

3. "Painting fingernails with indelible ink may promote Goth culture among youth. This is against Asian values."

2. "Black Metal tattoo artists broke into our offices and stole the indelible ink for their tattoo parlors"

...AAAAND... the #1 reason...

1. Boss say "Cannot"


mob1900 said...

nanti kenot 'Phantom vote' if the ink is used.

if BN wins, it buys time for them to totally cheat the ink for the next G.E.

ByebyeBN said...

They bought the ink, but forgot to buy the removal solvent for their phantoms. So cannot use, lor!

BN is desperate! They'll do anything to stay in power. If they lose, the new govt will dig up their shit and sent them to jail.

Anonymous said...

Those who thinks BN will loose in the upcoming election is delusional.

Anonymous said...

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