Saturday, March 08, 2008

UFOs Spotted Over Klang!?

Earlier this morning, I voted. I'm not going to directly tell you who I chose for Parliament and State in Klang, but here are two clues:

1. I didn't vote Barisan Nazional.
2. I didn't spoil my vote.
3. I think P.U.N.D.A.K. is the Rocket symbol, right?

So just now I was surfing the Internets on this old Hewlett Packard computer, when all of a sudden the whole night sky of Klang was lit up with red rockets. It isn't fireworks, because they didn't blow up in a spectacular explosion, unlike what Koh Tsu Koon predicted. One even landed on the ACS school field!

Perhaps its an alien invasion?

I heard the same thing is happening over many areas in Malaysia. Some of the UFOs are eye-shaped (this one landed in Bangsar), and some look like a full moon.

Maybe "The Star" will tell us exactly what happened tomorrow? After all, I believe in the ever-truthfulness of Wong Chun Wai.

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