Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movie Review: "Iron Man"

After watching "Iron Man" last Sunday, I can only say one thing to summarize it...

...Go see it...

Marvel's comic book character now makes the screen in live-action. The plot and technology of the 45-year old mythos has been updated once again to be relevant to today's times. From kicking Commie ass, the metal man is now kicking militant ass in the Afghan highlands. Only thing it ain't the Taliban he's ripping new assholes into... its some enigmatic militant group called the Ten Rings.

The basic storyline still remains quite the same... defense-industry mogul Tony Stark is kidnapped by militant group up to no good... builds crude armored suit to escape... kicks ass... builds better armored suit... and... kicks more ass. Yay!

And being an action film, the US Military has yet another chance since last year's "Transformers" to display their hardware like the F-22 Raptors, C-17 Globemasters, and other toys. Double Yay!

I'll leave the debate on the "militarization of entertainment" to the spoilsports. Keep in mind the American military in both movies don't do a good job in destroying the bad guys, and have to rely on animated chunks of metal to do the job.

World politics aside... go see it. No need to check your brain at the door, unlike "Fantastic 4". And don't leave during the credits, like what I did. Thats right... stay rrriiiiiiiight till the very end.

Four Stars Out of Five


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Angela said...

amen. i went there ready to dish the diss budden the "hot rod red" really got me *_*