Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can We Have Some Non-RPK Related News On Malaysia Today?

The latest word on the vine is that Mr. Raja Petra, head of alternative news site Malaysia Today shall be released tomorrow. Yep, after a day or two in jail, RPK's gonna checkout of Hotel Sungai Buloh on a bail of 5,000 ringgit. They have the money, MT needs its editor back, and wifey is calling.

(taken & edited from Malaysia Today)

In seven hours, they collected AT LEAST a TOTAL OF 35,000 ringgit for the 'Bail Out RPK Fund'. Thats enough to bail him 7 times over.

Or enough money to buy Najib or Mat Taib 10% of a new Mercedes.

Ok, since he's gonna be out tomorrow morning, perhaps can we get back to reporting non-RPK related stuff on Malaysia Today?

Ever since he went to jail, every article on MToday has been about Raja Petra, Raja Petra, Raja Petra. Lets have something else about the government's mismanagement or their latest harebrained megaproject, can we?

Or about how Karpal's gonna get into trouble for merely questioning the Perak Sultan? Silly Karpal Singh... He should have called the Sultan a "beast" or "creature" instead... he will get away with that!

If I was some guy in the Federal Government, now is a good time to do something slimy. Because the spotlight of the alternative media is directed elsewhere..


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need to appreciate the free service that is Malaysia Today.

But thank god the spotlight in Malaysiakini is still on the government's nonsense, especially Karpal's case.