Saturday, May 17, 2008

How To Stop Anwar Ibrahim From Becoming PM




RE: Stopping Anwar Ibrahim

YB Dato' Kronee,

I have a suggestion regarding our future strategy to prevent the ascention of Anwar Ibrahim to the post of Malaysian Prime Malaysia. Many years ago, we thought such a thing was impossible ever since our Beloved Tun Mahathir kicked him into prison.

But with the results of the recent General Election, no thanks to Badawi... the threat of this happening is very real. If the Sabahans & Sarawakians decides to switch, we will see the end of Barisan Nasional, and you, me, and Mahathir will have to spend the night in Mugabe's house. That assumes, of course, that Bob does a good job this time of rigging the upcoming runoff elections.

The Background

Badawi will be replaced end of this year. Najib or Razaleigh will take over. Either way, this time the new guy will be remotely controlled by our Beloved Tun Mahathir. The real power behind the PM will lie with Tun Mahathir. Dato Kronee... you can then be safe knowing your crooked bridge project will be resumed. But Anwar and the People's Front/Pakatan Rakyat will be working to spoil the party and they must be stopped at all costs. While we work to remove Badawi, we must also not forget about the Anwar threat on the other front...

We managed to dispose of Anwar the first time through the use of the M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R. Strategy, designed by our Beloved Tun Mahathir himself. If you recall, the M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R. Strategy stood for:


This brilliant plan worked, although most of the public were skeptical, and the bumbling Prosecution placed the date of offence before the Tivoli Villa Condominiums were completed. Fortunately, we had an understanding ally in the media... and most importantly... the judges. Just ask VK Lingam.

But now, Anwar is back again to haunt us. The man we thought we killed politically is about to rise again like a fiery phoenix. And its flames will surely roast us.

Using the M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R. Strategy again like you suggested in yesterday's meeting will not work. Firstly, Beloved Tun Mahathir is no longer Prime Minister and the puppet strings to Badawi seems to have been cut. Secondly, the mainstream media is no longer under our control. Thirdly, there's this thing called the Internet which is full of bloggers, alternative media like Malaysiakini, YouTubes, and music downloads. Fourthly, because of the Third reason, Malaysians in general seem to have taken the red pill and our efforts to create a presence on the Internet has been met with mostly skepticism.

A New Paradigm Shift In Character Assassination

To counter Anwar, we will need a new paradigm shift in doing things. Many Malaysians hate the West, and many more hate Jews and Zionists despite never having met a Jew. This is thanks to the efforts of Beloved Tun Mahathir while he was Prime Minister.

The answer to our problem is to increase efforts to insinuate that Anwar is a tool of the Neo-Conservative Anglo American Zionist Jewish Capitalist Decemberist Pastafarianist West, and that he and his allies in KeADILan, PAS, and DAP are doing this by working for a more democratic Malaysia. Democracy is nothing but mob rule and a tool of the Zionists, Jews, and the West. The best leadership is leadership by one man in line with Asian Values, as advocated and practiced by our Beloved Tun Mahathir.

Such claims have already been made by Muhkriz and some bloggers, but the amount at this moment is too little. These accusations can be reeinforced with multiple coincidental non-sequitur articles which we will fabricate, with the help of pro-Mahathir political & academic allies both local & foreign.

When I said foreign, I meant not just activists and intellectuals who are against the West's genuine abuses around the globe, but those who also have an axe to grind against the West. These fellas will be willing to throw their support behind ANY leader who damns the West, regardless of his background.

Mahathir already has networked with such folks through various forums and conferences. In fact, he’s networking right now. I'm sure he has their namecards in his folder and his in theirs. They know him as a champion of the Third World (Islamic Third Worlders only), even while he was oppressing Third Worlders in Malaysia; from the natives of Sarawak, to his critics whom were justly disposed of with the ISA.

But that doesn't matter, as long as Mahathir was a critic against the West, that’s fine and they're willing to view him favorably. I'm sure they would agree be used by us (for a fee) to demonize Anwar as an agent of the Neo-Conservative Anglo American Zionist Discordianist Dodecahedrist Westerners.

How We Will Fight

It is important that we use the foreign individuals above. This is to create some form of authenticity to our accusation that Anwar is a tool of the Neo-Conservative Anglo American Situationalist Zionist Jewish Capitalist Communists. Malaysians are more likely to believe something if a foreign (read: Caucasian) “expert” has supported it. Because of this, we should make sure that this new army of Anwar Demonizers should have several white Mat Sallehs in it…

Right now, I can think of a few activists that we could enlist. Dr. Michel Chossudovsky comes to mind. I’m sure he would know us and would be eager to join, as he was a speaker at the Perdana Peace Conference. I still remember us helping to organize that conference, and how some people felt it was just a shiok-sendiri/glorification event for Dr.M. Also interesting was how we condemned the West and Israel but did not touch on Sudan, East Timor, Myanmar, or Tibet.

Back to the topic… people like Dr. Chossudovsky has excellent writing skills and should be able to create the antiAnwar articles which we need. On the other hand, we should keep away from Chomsky. I think he will be able to see Mahathir for what he really is, and he’s not too easily hoodwinked.

But imagine the headlines popping out on websites like, GlobalResearch, and Counterpunch… written of course, with the help of our staff at the pro Mahathir think-tanks & organizations…

“Colonizing Malaysia. Or Why Democracy, Transparency, Racial Equality And Freedom Is Bad For Malaysia”

“Why Mahathir Or A Mahathir Proxy Will Be The Best Leader For Malaysia

“The Zionist Anglo-American Plan To Control Malaysia by One Man: Anwar Ibrahim”

“Does Anwar Ibrahim Eat Babies & Kittens?”

“Why Are We Supporting A Racial Supremacist Like Mahathir? Is It Because He’s Anti-Western? Duh?!”

Also, include photographs of Anwar being friendly to foreign interests to give our propaganda more substance, such as below:

Whoops, wrong picture. Anyway, here’s the correct one.

Time is running short, this email is running too long, and we should consider what I wrote above if we are to intercept Anwar’s plans. If all is good, I’ll call a meeting this Monday to brainstorm the roadmap for this. I’ll call Kadir Jasin, Matthias, Mukhriz, and some pro-Mahathir bloggers along. If we are to defeat Anwar through propaganda, Mahathir will need the support of foreigners.

Let me know as soon as possible…


Dr. Hee Poh Krit

P.S.: Who are we supposed to support now? Najib or Razaleigh?



walski69 said...

Nice one, Brighteyes... Good question on whom we should support, tho...

My guess is that we should support _____________ (fill in your own candidate of choice). Whichever candidate gets filled in, it's a case of screwed if you do, screwed if you don't.

Cynical? Moi?

mudin001 said...

Hj. Hadi!