Saturday, May 03, 2008

Attention KL-ites (and Penang people)

Yes, I know how irritating it is for you to be stuck in a traffic jam. And to add further insult, you have to pay a toll to get from one part of Kuala Lumpur to the other. Penang isn't any better, but at least we don't have tolls on the island. But we have more dipshits over here who plant their cars on the roadside and double-park wherever they feel like. Blocking traffic? Don't give a damn...!

And unlike Penang, you people have a far nicer arts scene, much to the delight of your fellow KL hipsters. Today, you fellas will have two events going on at the Central Market. I was gonna go down to KL for this, but I woke up late this morning after last night's Penang World Music Fest. Don't worry if you missed yesterday... the Penang WMF still goes on this evening and tomorrow at the Botanical Gardens...

And yes, you can bring in alcohol this time. Wine, beer, whiskey, or some vodka (like I did)... it doesn't matter. Just make sure you don't throw your rubbish around the place or get into fights.

Anyway, back to those two events at KL, first... there's the Art For Grabs event... going on in Central Market.

And then, there's the KL Alternative Bookfest... same place...

But if you missed today, these two events
are still going on tomorrow. There's quite some stuff going on at Central Market right now as I hammer the keyboards... stuff from indie artists and artistes, authors, and film directors (like Amir M.) . Go ahead, you KL-ites.

If anyone mentions the word "singer-songwriter" again, I will shoot him with a tazer...


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