Thursday, June 26, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008

I came back early last morning from a trip to the Perhentian Islands. Sunburnt, a slight headache, and dead tired... I crashed into bed and snoozed off. No strength left to remove the filthy clothes from my backpack and toss them into the machine.

But I woke at noon. The headache was still there. There were bills to pay, and so a trip must be made to downtown Georgetown. Fucking car won't start. The 3-year old battery didn't have the amp-hours to crank the starter... 4 days had dwindled the charge in it, with the help of the alarm system.

Another one of those damned days...

At least there's
Urbanscapes this weekend to lookup too... First 250 people there gets a free ticket
when the doors open at noon. But first, you must have a Klue. I'm Klueless, and anyway... I'll probably be coming over later noon. I can't just jump off the night train at Sentral and into the mess, can I?

See you guys there...

BTW, I'll be the guy with the tranquilizer rifle and ear tags... lets see how many hipsters I can catch and tag. Beware.


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Echos said...

jon why so quiet lately? :P