Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Pair Of Jeans For The Tailor...

I don't throw away clothes easily. I still have an olive-green shirt from 1998 in my cupboard that I wear occasionally.
That was from 1998 when U2 still sold clothes that were decently cool... and then they went for the metrosexual look and raised their prices.

Its one of those safari/military-style shirts where you can roll up the long-sleeves and button them midway to hold them in place. Its rather threadbare and tattered at the collar, but has a certain "punk rock" look to it. Good for wearing when you're going for a gig at Church Street or 62 Weld.

I guess this weekend, I'll have to pay a visit to that old-uncle tailor at Penang-Chulia. A pair of jeans has developed a hole at the rear after 3 years of being washed, worn, battered, beaten, and caught between a bicycle chain. Its the style to have holes in your denims, but where I work there's still a minimum standard to be upheld. Jeans may be allowed, but jeans with holes in the butt aren't.

Speaking of holey jeans... I remembered this incident back when I lived in Madison, on this shopping trip to Sears. For you Malaysians... Sears is an American department store kinda like Parkson or Jusco. I needed a new pair of pants, and there was a good pair of dark blue Levi's going for U$35. On the opposite rack, was more Levi's... but starting at $69. Those had really big holes in them and some looked like they've been run over with a lawnmower.

Just for the fun of it, I asked a sales assistant who was sorting out some stuff nearby. Lets call him Bud... as in Budweiser. Bad grammar from me and him are intentional.

Me: "Hey, these jeans are pretty worn out, but they're more pricy than the nice ones over there"

Bud: "Yup. 'ats the fashion todays"

Me: "Yea, I know. Funny people would pay many more for a shot-up pair than a good one" (stating the fucking obvious)

Bud: "Heh. Folks want the wornout look, so the company makes 'em look worn out once they leave the factory. An' sell 'em for $50 over."

You could buy actual wornout clothing with the wornout look... holes and all, for much less (around 10 bucks) at the Salvation Army or equivalent secondhand clothes store.

Maybe I should sell this pair on eBay instead of sending it for repair. I'd probably get U$40 for it.

This guy here has another opinion on new old-looking clothes



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