Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Explosions Than Any Hollywood Action Movie: Turkish Star Wars

I didn't get to see the last 30 minutes of "Turkish Star Wars", thanks to my PC crashing from the mass of idiocy from the .mpeg movie file.

Until one day... I was browsing through the Internets and came across a YouTube of the ending...

To describe the scene, our hero has to fight all these creatures below before dealing with the bad boss:
  • "skeleton" soldiers with Spanish conquistador helmets
  • giant red Elmo's
  • giant black Elmo's
  • some knights wielding rayguns
  • a Chinese stereotype & an African stereotype
  • toilet paper Egyptian mummies
  • a 3-meter tall creature with spaghetti for claws
  • some robot made from a blue-gray plastic rubbish bin and an orange siren light

I hope you'll enjoy and appreciate the fine workmanship that's gone into making this masterpiece of Turkish Cinema...


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