Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Photo Taken At 'Giant' Supermarket

I was at Giant this morning to get some stuff and antihistamines for a rather bad flu I'm having. Got the day off work too. Then I saw this at the checkout counter...

While in States, P.O.S. usually stood for "Piece Of Shit"... a term used to describe lousy equipment like Acer computers and Microsoft ME, as well as people you don't like.

For those who haven't worked as a cashier, P.O.S. in this case actually means
Point Of Sale. But if the software crashes often, charges customers double, or fucks up your inventory records, then its certainly a Piece Of Shit System.

But I've never had any big problems with Giant at the checkout...



Happened to my hubby only two days ago..3 cans of baked beans cost 143..!! at Giant..!
Luckily he checked the receipt though absent mindedly he paid full at the begining [ plus other groceries ]

Anonymous said...

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