Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anyone Remembered Playing "Doom"?

Back in 1993, everyone in my Primary 6 class who had a computer at home were practically talking about this new shoot-em-up game called "DOOM". At that time, the most advanced desktop system was the 486DX. The Pentium was still in the final stages of research in Intel's arcane laboratories... and the "Internet" was some virtual reality world filled with fluorescent-green grid lines, giant cubes & other early-90s computer graphics, according to sci-fi movies at that time.

I remembered how my friends and I were scared by those demons that came charging towards us. The pixellated graphics and sounds of DOOM was something very advanced (and terrifying) to us 12-year old schoolkids... and many other grown-up gamers around the world. Some of us did get nightmares...

Well, that was 15 years ago...

And btw, Cyberdemon(s) vs. Imps:

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tokyo_nights said...

Yeah! I still remember swapping 3.5 inch diskettes to install the game, and prior to that, asking a classmate to make a pirated copy of the game :P.

Btw, can't help but notice you blogged about Doom and Rick Astley separately. Check out my post on Rick Astley being rickrolled in Doom:

I still have a 1976 edition of Watership Down, albeit a bit crumbly.