Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Year Of The Pig Will Be Pork Chops Soon...

We're a month into 2008 already but to the Chinese, their year is coming to a close. Next week, will be the Rat Year. Hmmph... thats good news for Penang, we already have enough rats running up and down around the island. The best & biggest of them can be found at Line Clear Mamak Stall, on Penang Rd. ... they're at least 1.5 feet long. Even the cats are afraid to tackle them, the pussies just stood-off at a distance & watched... occasionally leaping back when they came too close.

Perhaps the large fat rats at Line Clear are testament to the delicious food served there.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, you all remember Master B, do you? Our favourite Feng Shui expert has a new set of predictions for the Year of the Rat. Tomorrow, I will make the tiring trek up Penang Hill to meet him. Hopefully the old man will be in his mansion near a secluded & forested area of the hill.

Stay tuned... and please visit Line Clear if you're in Penang. Food there is good...

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