Saturday, August 25, 2007

WWJD: What Would Jesus Drink?

Certainly not Budweiser, Busch Lite, or Tiger Draft. Those are terrible beers not fit for a king or the King of Kings. And not fit for human consumption either.

I just found
our ever effective Malaysian Government just temporarily banninated a Tamil language newspaper. Reason? The newsroom dudes at Makkal Osai printed a picture of Jesus holding a cigarette and beer on front page. It wasn't supposed to be a Danish-cartoons-Mohammad-thing... but more for their "Thought Of The Day" feature which puts in selected quotes and sayings of famous leaders, philosophers, and other wise folks. Today's thought was from Jesus, so some smart guy (probably an intern) Googled for a picture of Jesus and downloaded the first picture he got... thus beating his deadline. Then next, it was off to the printing presses.

Naturally, Christians were not amused with Makkal Osai's picture of Jesus having a puff and a swig. After some complaints, the paper quickly apologized. Apology accepted, by the Catholics, the Christian representative from the
Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism (whew, that was long)
... and other Christian denominations.

Case closed, eh?

Nope. The government came in and smacked
Makkal Osai with a one month suspension. That means for the next 30 days, no reporting, no printing, and no morning paper for your next door Indian neighbour Mr. Doraisamy. Less work for the paperboy...

They've said sorry and that should be it. Forgiven, but not forgotten (well, until this issue blows away). Anyway, its not like they had Jesus shooting heroin while banging a hooker with the words "LOL, yr Xtian god sux!" as a caption.

Ironically, the quote below the smokin' drinkin' Jesus was "
If someone repents for his mistakes, then heaven awaits them".

Geez, people just tend to overreact to silly little pictures/cartoons in newspapers. Its ok to protest the paper's blunder, alright. Now that they've apologized for their mistake, there's no need to press it further. Don't we have other stuff to take care of? Like government corruption for instance?

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