Thursday, March 29, 2007

Penang's Very Own Alternative Film Club

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A bunch of film buffs got together last November and started an alternative movie club. Every two weeks on Sunday evening, we'd gather at a dingy office space at 60 Weld Quay (near the Penang Island ferry terminal). Films screened there would be stuff not so well known in Malaysia, such as 'Elling', 'The Motorcycle Diaries', 'Porco Rosso', etc. Occasionally, we would have short films made by a couple of members before the main feature...

Now, we have a website for the group, with a rather straightforward name:

Its called the Penang Film Club

Yeah, i'm a contributor there...

* * * * * *

Andddd... we have a show THIS coming Sunday evening. 8PM.

This weekend's flick will be "Night on Earth". Directed by Jim Jarmusch (this same bloke also did 'Broken Flowers' and the 'Coffee & Cigarettes' series), this movie is about the lives of five different taxi drivers working in different corners of the world, and their encounters with their passengers.

From (rated 80% fresh):
In Los Angeles, a young female driver (Winona Ryder) charms her passenger--an agent (Gena Rowlands) who believes she’s found her latest movie star in the tomboyish cabbie. In New York, a man (Giancarlo Esposito) gets into a taxi and finds that his immigrant driver (Armin Mueller-Stahl) has no idea how to drive. The Paris segment features an angry sightless woman (Beatrice Dalle) who provokes her African driver (Isaach de Bankole). In Rome, Roberto Benigni is a taxi driver who confesses his odd sexual practices to a clergyman (Paolo Bonacelli) and is shocked when the priest has a heart attack. The film’s climactic scene in Helsinki follows a cabdriver who listens to a tragic tale from one of his three drunk passengers only to top him with his own, sadder story...

See you there...

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