Thursday, March 01, 2007

PAKU-ed It On The Head

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A local celebrity who was supposed to appear at the Oscars' in Los Angeles, apparently went AWOL due to a "wardrobe malfunction". Fortunately her partner who came along for the show did make it on the carpet, amidst the glamour, champaign, and flashbulbs. One Malaysian didn't get her chance at a small sliver of fame...

On the other hand, a bunch of Malaysians just left this Tuesday for the UK. My pal Lina's one of them, and her band "Paku" will be touring Britain, Ireland, and hopefully(?) France.

Nice shades babe!

Paku is signed to indie-label Deathstar Productions . Their publicist/manager was game enough to arrange a tour of the British Isles, which is something EMI or the majors won't do for you. Clueless record exec: "What? You wanna play at Glastonbury?! Er... anyway... I think your new album needs more 'cinta' & 'rindu' in it, plus we should add more synthisizer. And we've already chosen the front cover for you... designed by my cousin."

So far, they did an interview yesterday with BBC Radio's Adam Walton. Right now as I'm writing this... they're about to do a gig at The Monkey Bar in Swansea, Wales...

Then on March 4th, it'll be at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh...

If you Malaysian readers within those areas in England are interested... go see them.

And then, where next & when? Gee, the website is all jumbled up... its hard to get show info at a glance. Hey Alan, streamline your webpage will 'ya?! Here's a good example if you need one! Simple, no Flash, easy to read, and information easily (and quickly) available. And yes, I've seen the Watson Twins live.

Ok thats it. Thank you for listening to WPNG. Goodnight and good luck...

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