Thursday, February 22, 2007

SMS Your Views

> Dr Mahathir's nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Cngrats 2 DrM 4 dis. Hope u get it. u make Malaysia proud and proud for all malaysian.

If liek this, then oso Saddam can get? Maybe shud nominate Bush also, since Dr M can.

> Mat Rempit menace

Now Putra umno want use mat rempit as police? wat next, send mat rempit to north pole?

> Air Asia vs. MAS

Price war is good for all Malaysian. Low price means i can go Kuching-KL back very cheap. Now only RM59.99

Air Asia service sux. Cannot change flight easily. Very dificult. 44 min before flight check in mean you cannot get on. Screw u Tony!

I take the train anyways. Like to see the countryside. Not applicable 2 me.

> Vijay_d_deejay6485 is gay

Vijay is a faget. After sk00l im gonna bantai you muthafukka. u wach out!

> Fake bomohs

Every day got people trick by fake bomoh n monk. MCA pls do sumting!

> Potholed roads

Chulia Street in penang very bumpy. MPPP pls do something

Gelugor roads very bumpy. MPPP please do something

Got big potholes in downtown KL. what is DBKL doing?! Pls do something

No more clean underwear, help. Goverment pls do something

> SMS your views expensive

Y sms is RM2.99 per msg?! cheating! Should report to CAP!!

> Standard of English declining

Evry day English gettng bad 2 worse in country. ppls use slang. Govermen pls do something!

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