Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back In Penang.... Back To Work

Listening to: Cat Power - You Are Free


You come to work and find the parking lots to be unusually vacant. The office space is empty and quiet... nobody's around, except for the occasional colleague who pops into your cubicle asking how's your New Year been. He'll be leaving for home after lunch...

Looking outside, you see the Bkt. Jambul expressway to be empty... perfect for a Mat Rempit vs. Ah Beng racing duel. Airport taxi driver said Georgetown, Ayer Itam, and Tanjong Bungah was congested, however.

You get some work done, but since most of your colleagues are on leave and they have the parts, it doesn't go as far for the day as you wanted.

You're done for the evening. Already the Oldsmobile is the only car standing in the middle of the lot. Usually at 7 its still half-full.

The day after Chinese New Year...

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