Saturday, October 21, 2006

But you didn't fall down the stairs...

Its almost 1 AM. I'm watching the world being reborn.
Through a 17" monitor.
And like that "Tilly And The Wall" song, eventually the sky did return.
Where the Penang Bridge is now visible from my apartment window.
And the rain, the very heavy rain with thunder and lightning on top... has cleared the smoke from our next-door neighbor's Djarums, for now.
I've started blogging.

And if you've read "Watership Down", you'll get a clue where I got the name.

1 comment:

walski69 said...

Well, well... What a nice surprise... Allow me to be the first to say, "Brighteyes, welcome to the bloggerhood!"

And from the writing that you've left on my blog, I'm certain there'll be lots of interesting stuff to look forward to...

Take care, and once again... Welcome!