Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Aboard The "Ekspres Malaysia"!!

(Based on a Russian joke)

The Prime Ministers of Malaysia were aboard a train, along with some famous political personalities. As they were rolling through the countryside, the train suddenly came to a halt. Everyone waited, and five minutes later, the driver made an announcement via intercom:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we've experienced some technical difficulties with the train. We're working to resolve the problem as soon as we can"

Half an hour later, nothing happened.

Tengku Abdul Rahman summoned his aide, and commanded:

"Put Lee Kuan Yew and his gang in the last carriage, disconnect it, and push it away"

So Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, together with his followers, were placed in the last carriage on the train, and pushed away.

But nothing happened. The train still didn't move.

Tun Razak then announced... "I've an idea to get the train moving! Give some of the baggage on the train to the Bumi passengers!"

This was done, with some protest from other passengers, but the train still didn't move. People started getting restless.

"The train driver is an evil capitalist agent of the West! He's also gay! Imprison him now!" yelled a visibly frustrated Mahathir.

Despite locking up the driver in the toilet, the train still didn't move.

"I've got an idea!" chipped in Badawi. "Lets close the curtains, lean back, and pretend the train is moving!"

But despite shutting the windows and trying their best, most of the passengers didn't
feel the train was going anywhere, as much as they pretended to. Only Badawi himself was snugly asleep, thinking they were on their way...

"I suppose YOU have an idea!", Mahathir yelled to Anwar, who was seated behind reading a copy of National Geographic...

"Well, let me tell you" said Anwar with a grin....

"When I become Prime Minister of Malaysia, THIS train will start moving"


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