Thursday, September 04, 2008

Perak State Government To Allocate Land For A School Of Rock

IPOH: In addition to providing state land and funding for Chinese and religious schools, the Perak State Government will also provide assistance to establish of a School Of Rock in the state.

This would mark the first School Of Rock in Malaysian history. It would be aimed at creating a new generation of local musicians taught and trained in pop and rock music and its other derivatives such as hard rock, punk rock, art rock, indie-rock, goth-rock, shoegaze, Brit-rock, space-rock, prog-rock, post-rock, post-office-rock, and other genres that some pretentious artiste will come up with.

Chief Minister Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin announced the move this evening while attending another function that very important people have to attend.

"We know Malaysian music is facing serious competition from abroad, especially Indonesia. With the creation of the School Of Rock, we can breathe new life into our music scene with a new breed of rockers, both mainstream and indie. There will be no need for quotas".

"However, aid allocated for this school will be in the form of old pre-war shophouses and secondhand music equipment. Our consultation with experts find that art-people work best in dirty and dilapidated surroundings. It would also put those abandoned pre-war shoplots in downtown Ipoh to good use", he added.

The concept of a School Of Rock has been the personal crusade of Jack Black, who will act as headmaster and one of the teaching staff. According to Jack, he has already received applications from around Malaysia and SouthEast Asia, for student admission and staff positions. It is expected that enrollment will begin January 2009.

Jack Black lecturing at Berklee College of Music
- Filepic

"Man, you know how thankful I'm to Niz. I've been like... fighting years to get this thing setup in Malaysia but no one will say yes. They said its satanic or evil, or some crap like that"

Local Ipoh band Bittersweet is expected to join
the faculty of the School Of Rock

"You know, I'm pretty P.O.-ed by the PAS government in Kedah banning rock & metal music. But this news made my day. Fuck yeah!"

This unprecedented move follows the recent announcement by another Pakatan Rakyat politician and incumbent Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to literally declare every day a holiday. - Bawang News Network


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