Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beware Of Imitations

You can get a fake Tag Heuer or Rolex anywhere. It looks just like the original, and sometimes the fakers do such a great job, that you have to get an expert to tell the difference.

At least for internet personalities and blogs, fake ones can easily be told apart from the real deal. Still, there will always be some folks who'll fall for it.

I was browsing through Malaysiakini one night, reading through the columnists rants and letters when I saw a link to an article by fellow blogger Zainol (or known as MahaGuru). Title? "Blogger Zorro's Sound Advice To Hindu Racists In Malaysia".

Ok, this should be interesting. Zorro (Bernard Khoo's alias) is rather well known on the Malaysian blog circuit for his liberal attitudes, and apparently he has something to say to those 'riff-raff' from Hindraf for not um... not knowing their place last Sunday. But first, a beer...

After getting a Heineken from the fridge, I had a look at Zorro had to say. Intro and praise by Mahaguru about Zorro's reputation for straightforward comment. And followed by rhetoric on how those Malaysians who disagree with the status-quo should just get out of Malaysia. I've read about similar stuff being said at Umno Youth meetings...

And Zorro's comment was about those oh so ungrateful Hindu Indians, how they're building shrines to their gods all over the country, and an Umno-style keris-waving warning to them not to rock the boat, or else...

There was a problem...

It didn't sound like it was written by Zorro at all.

If you know Zorro/Bernard well, you'll know that threatening folks who don't know their place in Malaysia is not his modus operandi at all. Especially folks who come from one of the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in this country.

And yes, the article had multiple grammatical errors.

No prizes for guessing, someone indeed had impersonated Bernard and wrote what was (in KTemoc's words), a "purported post of bigotry and a piece of nasty shit but a bloody crock of shit". Or in other words... black propaganda. We have an impostor in our midst. Thats bad.

Even worse was that someone had... err... fallen for it, and reprinted the whole damn comment from the impostor in his blog, as its something he agrees with. Not the first time this has happened.

Eventually, things sort themselves out in this case. After being contacted by the Real Zorro, the article was quickly removed from MahaGuru's blog. And later followed by an apology for being taken in by an impostor that was so obviously not the Real Zorro.

We may never know the real identity of Zorro's impostor. But we know that this is not the end, there will be more of this black propaganda coming out the closer we get to Election Day. A healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism is your best bet in combating this deluge of nonsense that would flood your Inbox, and prevent you from being made a sucker.

And I pray I'm skeptical enough not to be suckered...

P.S. if you haven't heard, the machas from Hindraf were not involved in the Bollywood-style "dooshm! dooshm!" fight at that restaurant...

And yes, here's that article from the impostor for your reading pleasure...

I received today in my blog here a comment from one established and very wise fellow Malaysian Blogger whom I respect and appreciate his straight to the point observations.

He is amongst the stalwarts of the Malaysian Blogosphere and the man doesn't pull any punches!
As his Blogging ID entails, Zorro never runs away from facing up to the bad ones amongst us here in the Blogosphere.

It is my pleasure and honor to present to you El Zorro with his zig zag cut you down version of how he sees things regarding the racist extremists amongst HINDRAF members trying to create a storm right here in our beloved nation.

It is Malaysians like him who makes me believe that there is still hope for us to build a better Malaysia, home for all reasonable and rational folks. Those who don't like it can vamoose to wherever they say the grass is greener and bullshit smells like perfume!

Arriba arriba andele...


Hi all,

Racial. Racist. All country in this world have this problem.

Including America (to African American), China and Japan. How about India???

Well for your info, in India, the TAMILS were discriminated against by the Urdu. Even Sikhs were economically better than the Tamils. Apart from some Tamil superstar, other Tamil population in India are very poor.

Have any of you here gone to India??? Why did the British bring the Tamil races here???


Simple… majority of the Tamil in Malaysia are coming from the lower caste, which suddenly when they arrive in Malaysia and have a good life, they change their caste (Which is illegal in Hindu. If a a Ksatriya, forever u are Ksatriya. If you are untouchable, forever u are untouchable.)

All this lower castes were sent by the higher castes of the new Indian Government after the Chola Dynasty that lost the war with the British and Mogul empire. They sold their lower caste people to the British to wage the war with Mogul and other Tamil prince..

Hehehehe.. thats why the majority of Tamil Malaysians don't want to go back to India.

Can u imagine the Tamils from Malaysia going back to India?? Work all day, their females getting raped by the higher caste (which is also illegal in Hinduism), and they cannot go up of their caste like in Tamil Movie.. all that just a fantasy, which made Rajnikant a Tamil film hero and also very rich.

Thats about racist… how about religion????

In India, all the world know what they did to Muslim, Christian, Sikh and also Hindu (lower caste).

No need to elaborate. What's the situation in Malaysia??? Simple.. The Hindu practitioners are not a majority. Just around 2 million only.

BUT… they build so many temple for different type of gods in so many places.

Is it logical to build a Hindu temple in a Malay majority population area???

Is it logical to build a Hindu temple at a Chinese majority population area???

And, is it logic to build a big mosque in an Indian majority population area? I speak about facts.

When I was a small kid in Ipoh, there is a small Hindu temple beneath a palm oil tree.

In a Chinese majority neighborhood. Every week they placed food offerings, and many things that generate a not so good smell.. I remember many of my Chinese friends went there to steal milk, eggs and fruits and placed them at their grandparents tombs..

As a summary, the Malaysian Government also demolishes mosques in Malaysia. If and when it is necessary.

Why are there no complaints about Buddhist temples being destroyed??? Because they build the temples in the right place. Think and then reply to my email.. Give me facts ok?.. Facts!

You want to demolish the Bumiputra status?

Never cross that boundary. This is a warning.

Don't go cross that boundary my friend. Think before you act.

If you don't care about your self, then care about your family and your next generation when you are unable to even pick the “madhu” bottle.

If you choose to elect DAP, Sammy Vellu will no longer have power in the BN.

Which after this, MIC will be unable to make demands to the BN. Hehehehe.

That's good actually.. Don't you forget that the BN will never lose even if there are no Indian supporters.

At Ijok, the BN put an Indian as the Wakil Rakyat.

Be careful. Don't be trapped by the leader that wants to have power.

Religion has been used by Atal Behari Vajpayee to rise into power. He used it very well. He also triggered the Hindu-Muslim clashes that killed 10,000 Muslim (mostly females and children). What a fact huh!

The special status of Bumiputra is a status given to protect Malays. It maybe not relevant now. But it needs time to implement the changes.

Now we use the meritocracy system to enter University. The Malaysian Government also does not select Malays as government civil servants even though Malays have more than qualified certificates. Because there are reserved places for Chinese and Indian officers. Government contracts are still given to Malays but at the end of the day, such contracts are also distributed together with their MIC and MCA cronies.

Mingle around... To Muslims! Don't be too extreme (like PAS). To Hindu's! Don't be too extreme (Like Hindraf).

Imagine if we make the illegal temple demolitions as a big issue, suddenly PAS take this as their political weapon and use it to trigger the more extremist factions to retaliate.... What will happen???

Some of you tell me that Singaporeans do not practice this double class standard.

You are wrong.. do you know that Singapore does not allow Malays to become soldiers????

Whilst in Malaysia, our Government begs the Chinese and Indians to become Government servants.

In Singapore there are no Tamil schools or Malay schools. There are only Government Schools.

Why Indians in Malaysia want to have Tamil schools???? Why our government does not use force for all Malaysians to study only in government schools like in Singapore and India?

If you argue that our Government is too soft. I agree. Thats true my brothers.

My friend Abdul Halim (previously he was a Hindu. Converted as a Muslim around 3-4 years ago) told me that HINDRAF is also not satisfied because of many religious things such as Sharia law, temples and many more.

He also gave me much information about HINDRAF to me and my fellow friends.

My answer is yes, you have a point to argue. But don't do anything to trigger the extreme dark side of the majority of the Malay population. Please don't.

We are still in a process to build up our nation. Arguing and debating will increase our knowledge. Which is very good. I know about what the Malaysian Indian community have gone through.

I also know what the Malays have gone through. At the end of the day it is up to us to help our selfs.

Not depending on Government subsidy or place or anything. I have not received any subsidy my bro... the Chinese have not received any subsidy my bro... I am right am I not??

Don't u hate it when I always have facts?

I have many Indian friends here at my workplace. (An International University).

They told me that the HINDRAF 's resolution isn't wise.

Whether they are lying to me or or not I don't know. But I welcome anybody who wants to meet me and I will introduce you to them.

I like facts and statistics. Give me more. We can carry on debating. Want to play?? C'mon….



Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today is the playground of this fighter for all Malaysians. You might run across him and the All Blogs taikors whenever there is a major issue at play or a Blogger gets arrested and incarcerated. Zorro will definitely be there to save the day! Hahahahaha.

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