Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now YOU Too Can Be Related To Abdul Razak Baginda

On trial for masterminding the murder of a Mongolian woman, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda's is in a "bit" of legal trouble. He's founder & Exec. Director of the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, a defense think-thank.

Razak Baginda also (used) to write a column in the Star newspaper on global politics, like what most political anaylists normally do when not tending to their think-thanks' or shopping for submarines. His family turned out in full support of their father, complete with custom-made tshirts:

...back of shirt says "And Proud Of It"

Hey, maybe I could be associated in some way. Ever heard about the six-degrees of separation? So I did some research into my friends', colleagues', and relatives'... and now... I too can show-off my association!

...back of shirt also says "And Proud Of It"

If you're associated or related in some way, then perhaps you could flaunt it with your own homemade shirt. Maybe you could also score an interview with some local tabloid.

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