Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whoa, Deja Vu!

Listening to: Nothing


So I was at X Inc.'s cafeteria this evening. My workpals were supposed to meet me for teatime but they went somewhere else. Ah well... all the egg tarts for me then.

Looking out through the glass wall/window, there was a black cat passing by. We have a number of strays living around X Inc.'s compound, but I've never seen this cat before.

Then came another black cat just like it.

I looked around expecting Agent Smith to burst through the doors... and thennnn... nope, just one of the techs from Failure Analysis on teabreak.

And then, comes yet another black cat... following the other two...

(image from Bob Paz's sign shop)

Three black cats in a row, all the same size. Either a glitch in the matrix or siblings from the same litter.

You decide...

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