Friday, March 20, 2009

Earth Hour? Screw That!

So I've been hearing on the Malaysian radio, from friends, from colleagues, from Facebook about Earth Hour. On March 28, you're supposed to turn off the lights and other electrical equipment in your place at 8:30pm. It is to remain off for one hour, an effort to promote awareness on global warming.

Then at 9:30pm, you can turn them back on again and resume whatever energy-consuming activity you were doing before 8:30. And what you've also been doing for the other 364 days a year.

It isn't Earth Day right now, and all that's on in my apartment (besides the fridge) is my bedroom light, the bathroom light in the corridor, and my flatmate's room light... whoops... he just went to bed. And of course, my computer.

And in 15 minutes time, all of it will be off when I go to bed for the day...

Looks like I practice this "Earth Hour" thing every day... and not just for an hour.

Frankly, this whole Earth Hour thing is some token feel-good activism, to help people think they've actually contributed to reduce global warming... that they are helping out. And in the other 364 days of the year... they're doing the same superfluous energy-wasting activities that they're used to.

So tell you what... come March 28, I'm gonna turn it all on. Every single damn light in my flat, for one hour. And maybe, I'll take my Oldsmobile out for a spin too. Crank up that V8. Drive from Bayan Baru to Batu Feringghi and back. The carburatored 8-cylinder engine of 1960's technology should generate enough carbon dioxide to melt the icecaps. Perhaps I can go snorkeling in an Alaskan coral reef before I'm 40...


Thursday, November 06, 2008

"So, When Are We Getting A Chinese/Indian PM... Brighteyes?"

That was the question asked yesterday noon. Due to the power of the Internets, we all got to know the results of the US Election just before leaving for lunch.

Amazing ain't it? Just 40-odd years after segregationist laws were abolished in the Southern US, we now have a half-black guy, who isn't ashamed to be considered black by many, elected to the White House.

Of course, that doesn't mean racism is now dead in the US, since Obama is now President. It still exists, but many Americans, including Caucasian Americans, have overcome that barrier and voted for That One.

... due to Obamas

And this has caused many a Malaysian here as well to ask (or if you're from UMNO... worry)... if we will have a non-Muslim non-Malay Native/Chinese/Indian Prime Minister one day. Hey, if USA can... we can.

Now to answer that question (in the form of a question, like Jeopardy)... what use is a non-Muslim Chinese, Indian, or non-Malay Prime Minister of Malaysia, if the perp is just as corrupt and inept as these guys in power today? The citizens will still get screwed around... Malay and non-Malay, Muslim and non-Muslim.

What should be asked is: "Will Malaysians one day choose their leaders based on their abilities, and not solely because of skin color and religion"?

And once they do that, a few elections later, you can have your first non-Muslim, non-Malay Prime Minister. Another entry for the Malaysian Book Of Records. And he or SHE, will be chosen not because of race, but for leadership quality. And that is what's important.

But thats gonna take time for us to get there. While America was celebrating its first black President, people here were in an uproar over a "Non-" being appointed to lead a certain state department.

Can for them, cannot for us ('toon by Zunar)

But we'll get there eventually. Maybe long after I've become ash particles in the sea. Or perhaps during my lifetime. Hey, with today's highspeed communications and globalized world (or cliches like that), you'll never know. Aside from playing Warcrack & calling that guy in Germany a fukkin n00b... ideas, news, and philosophies are being exchanged and spread around.

Remember, nobody ever believed BN could lose in five states. That was before March.

And just ten years ago, if you told a Black American there'll be a Black President soon, he'll just laugh in your face.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In Ten Hours Time...

...we will see who gets to become Prez of the USA.

Will it be...

Barack Obama

or John McCain?

There are many others also running for President... including Ralph Nader (this time as an indie), the Green Party, the Communists, and yes, the Boston Tea Party. But with little support from the masses of America, its really unlikely these little guys will win on the national level. Like you winning the Toto 6/52.

Maybe I should skip lunch tomorrow to check the news...

If you wanna know... I'm rooting for the half-black guy...

McCain was OK years ago when he was constantly opposing the Bush Administration & the Iraq War. But since then, he's softened his ideas to become too similar to Bush's... obviously to endear himself to the Republican masses to pick him as a Prez candidate. So sorry Mc, can't choose you.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Aboard The "Ekspres Malaysia"!!

(Based on a Russian joke)

The Prime Ministers of Malaysia were aboard a train, along with some famous political personalities. As they were rolling through the countryside, the train suddenly came to a halt. Everyone waited, and five minutes later, the driver made an announcement via intercom:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we've experienced some technical difficulties with the train. We're working to resolve the problem as soon as we can"

Half an hour later, nothing happened.

Tengku Abdul Rahman summoned his aide, and commanded:

"Put Lee Kuan Yew and his gang in the last carriage, disconnect it, and push it away"

So Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, together with his followers, were placed in the last carriage on the train, and pushed away.

But nothing happened. The train still didn't move.

Tun Razak then announced... "I've an idea to get the train moving! Give some of the baggage on the train to the Bumi passengers!"

This was done, with some protest from other passengers, but the train still didn't move. People started getting restless.

"The train driver is an evil capitalist agent of the West! He's also gay! Imprison him now!" yelled a visibly frustrated Mahathir.

Despite locking up the driver in the toilet, the train still didn't move.

"I've got an idea!" chipped in Badawi. "Lets close the curtains, lean back, and pretend the train is moving!"

But despite shutting the windows and trying their best, most of the passengers didn't
feel the train was going anywhere, as much as they pretended to. Only Badawi himself was snugly asleep, thinking they were on their way...

"I suppose YOU have an idea!", Mahathir yelled to Anwar, who was seated behind reading a copy of National Geographic...

"Well, let me tell you" said Anwar with a grin....

"When I become Prime Minister of Malaysia, THIS train will start moving"


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photos From INDIEpendent Fest

A bit late, but if you wanna checkout the pics from last three-weeks-ago's INDIEpendent Fest, check them out at Cole's site...

The past 2 weeks has been busy busy busy. New projects, which means new technologies, and a new pile of paperwork in my cubicle. You, as the end user and consumer, can expect new electronic products and shiny gizmos out by Christmas. Please buy them and help boost our share price, of which I own a tiny stake in.

Anyway, busy time is over, for now. I've planned a getaway from Penang Island for the Hari Raya holidays. Better get out of that island before they dump a new pile of work on my desk...


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Perak State Government To Allocate Land For A School Of Rock

IPOH: In addition to providing state land and funding for Chinese and religious schools, the Perak State Government will also provide assistance to establish of a School Of Rock in the state.

This would mark the first School Of Rock in Malaysian history. It would be aimed at creating a new generation of local musicians taught and trained in pop and rock music and its other derivatives such as hard rock, punk rock, art rock, indie-rock, goth-rock, shoegaze, Brit-rock, space-rock, prog-rock, post-rock, post-office-rock, and other genres that some pretentious artiste will come up with.

Chief Minister Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin announced the move this evening while attending another function that very important people have to attend.

"We know Malaysian music is facing serious competition from abroad, especially Indonesia. With the creation of the School Of Rock, we can breathe new life into our music scene with a new breed of rockers, both mainstream and indie. There will be no need for quotas".

"However, aid allocated for this school will be in the form of old pre-war shophouses and secondhand music equipment. Our consultation with experts find that art-people work best in dirty and dilapidated surroundings. It would also put those abandoned pre-war shoplots in downtown Ipoh to good use", he added.

The concept of a School Of Rock has been the personal crusade of Jack Black, who will act as headmaster and one of the teaching staff. According to Jack, he has already received applications from around Malaysia and SouthEast Asia, for student admission and staff positions. It is expected that enrollment will begin January 2009.

Jack Black lecturing at Berklee College of Music
- Filepic

"Man, you know how thankful I'm to Niz. I've been like... fighting years to get this thing setup in Malaysia but no one will say yes. They said its satanic or evil, or some crap like that"

Local Ipoh band Bittersweet is expected to join
the faculty of the School Of Rock

"You know, I'm pretty P.O.-ed by the PAS government in Kedah banning rock & metal music. But this news made my day. Fuck yeah!"

This unprecedented move follows the recent announcement by another Pakatan Rakyat politician and incumbent Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to literally declare every day a holiday. - Bawang News Network


Friday, August 29, 2008

INDIEpendent Fest in Penang. In Celebration of Merdeka

Merdeka is this Sunday. Besides appreciating what happened 51 years ago, how far we've come, and how we're doing so far... it also means a day off on Monday. Time to paste that Malaysian flag sticker on the bumper of my Datsun...

This flag flies upright

And while there'll be a parade around The Esplanade and partying along Gurney Drive, meanwhile some of my friends are organizing an arts exhibition...

Their way of celebrating our Independence Day, is with an INDIEpendence Day. Two days actually...

Click The Image Above For More Details On Who's Playing

I think I'm gonna check it out. Would be a good place to test out my new SLR camera...

Apparently Uglymen and the Damn Dirty Apes will be playing. Hope Pedram does his space-rock stuff this time...

Aside from a bunch of indie/alt bands jamming, there's gonna be some film screenings, workshops, and exhibitions by artists, poets, and photographers (including blogger Susan Loone).

More info can be obtained from the horses mouth...